Battery Informatics, Inc. (Bii) is a next-generation battery management company focused on capturing the maximum value of energy storage. Built on a deep understanding of battery performance and diagnostics, Bii’s application-aware systems are capable of integrating closely with stationary storage applications to ensure optimal decision making and enabling confident deployment of second-use batteries.

Our Core Technologies



We think in terms of easy to integrate APIs that enable the application to minimize the levelized cost of storage based on the unique trade-offs of the specific usage. For example, frequency regulation and peak-shaving applications have very different rewards and degradation costs.



Bii’s advanced battery testing and diagnostics capabilities enable an in-depth knowledge of battery performance and degredation. Incorporating this knowledge into the battery management process allows Bii to extract the maximum value from both new and second-use battery systems.

Our Features

Application-aware tradeoffs

By computing battery degradation in terms of marginal costs to operate the battery, Bii enables an efficient method for decision making given the benefits of providing a service and the battery cost of delivering that service.

Second Use Batteries

The critical challenge of using second-use batteries in stationary storage applications is the requirement for confidence in future battery performance. Bii’s diagnostics and testing capabilities along with partnerships with the producers of used transportation batteries have positioned Bii well in this space. An initial 7kWh demonstration of the second use of hybrid bus batteries is currently running at a remote, internet service provider microgrid (solar, batteries, generator, load).

Standardized application interface

Bii’s battery management solutions provide a consistent API for integrating with other applications. An initial project integrating solar, building energy management, and grid services, with battery degradation models is currently underway to show the benefit of optimizing the energy cost to the building owner.

Cutting edge research and talent

With close ties to the University of Washington and the Pacific Northwest CleanTech community, Bii has access to top technology, research, and talent. Current funding has been through grants from State of Washington, University of Washington, and two contracts from Department of Energy.

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